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EZblue Customer Service & Technical Support Policy


The goal of our technical support team is to provide you timely assistance with the installation, administration and the use of the EZblue servers software. Our customer service & tech support policy is designed to be easy to understand and straight forward:

Free Tech Support

A- During the software trial period, we provide free 30 days installation and configuration support via our Tickets Support System.

B- Additional 30 days free email and phone support is provided after the purchase. Our tech. support staff are USA based. They are Linux experts. They can also work on computers running Windows or Mac OS. We encourage our customers to check the FAQ first to find a fast answers to their questions. After the free tech support period, we offer our customers two options for obtaining extended technical support:

1) First option, pay as needed:

The is option to be used when you need a priority professional technical support service. This option is available during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM MST. With this option we will have one of our software engineers call you and work with you to remotely connect to the server and resolve the issue.
The hourly rate is $75. Add to Shopping Cart.

2) The second option is a free 24/7 Tickets Support System:

EZblue online web based tickets system lets you enter a new ticket, check the status, manage tickets and request remote support. All in one place. It simple to use and each ticket time stamped with different priorities. We do our best efforts to reply to each tickets within one hour after receiving during normal business hours. Customer service will contact you if you report server is down and you have paid for priority service call.

3) How to order tech. support?

Both of the options above are available on our website or by clicking on the add to shopping cart link on this page or from our online Shop. Click on the Shop button and scroll down the page to the "Support Services" section, select the service option you want and add it to the cart, then check out. Once your order is complete, we will apply your support option to your server serial number. Any issue that is not resolved by tech support will be escalated to EZblue software engineering staff through our internal automated ticket escalation system. This to ensure a timely response and resolution. It is our goal to provide a high level of technical support that is responsive to our customers needs.

4) How to contact tech. support?

First check the FAQ for answer to your question. If you can't find an answer send us a ticket using the Tickets Support System. For customers who have a paid for a service call, they can call us at (505) 994-9232. If you call after business hours or if you get the voice mail system, please leave a message. The phone system is set to forward the message as tickets to our tickets system. We will have one of our tech support people call you back and help you resolve the issue.

5) What is the cost for software upgrade?

You can order upgrade for your server software by contacting us through the ticket system and provid us with your server serial number. We will email you back a coupon code to use with your upgrade. Upgrades cost as follow:

Upgrade after 12 months from the initial order date are 50% off the normal price

Upgrade after 24 months from the initial order date are 25% off the normal price

Click the shop link on this page Shop. Click on the Shop button and scroll down the page to the "Annual Upgrade Plan " section, select the upgrade option you want and add it to the cart, once completed we will apply the upgrade to your existing serial number.

Upgrade after more than 2 years are at full normal price.

Please note, there is a different between the online update built in the server and upgrade. Online updates patches the current version running on the server. Upgrade are a completely new version of the software with new features and updates.

6) FAQ about tech support:

Q- My server is running fine, I don't have annual support agreement but I need help with setting up my website. what do I do?
Ans.- Order option 2 for one hour. We will have one of our tech staff call you and help you with setting the website.

Q- My server died and I don't have support agreement. Can I get a quote for what it will cost to
recover my data and do a new install?

Ans.- Yes, send us a ticket and we will provide you with a quote.

Q- I have two issues with my server can I just order one hour support to fix both?
Ans.- Yes, our tech support people will try their best to fix both issues within the hour. However, if the problem is with your network or hardware then we may have to charge for the additional time to trouble shoot that.

Q- What if the problem is a bug with EZblue software, Do I still have to pay to fix it?
Ans.- Absolutely not. If it is a bug with our software we will fix it free of charge.

Q- I have three servers, Can I just pay for one support agreement?
Ans.- Yes for up to two servers where both are running the same version of the software. For the third one you will need another agreement. However, free upgrades and free re license service will only be provided to the server that was registered for the annual tech support agreement

Q- I have two servers, one is running the standard version and the second is running the pro version. Can I just pay for the standard support but cover both?
Ans.- No. You need to get the Professional Service Agreement to cover both.

Q- I paid for the annual support agreement, then few months later I sold the server. Can I get back the money for the months I still have on the agreement?
Ans.- No. However, the agreement can be transferred with the server to the new owner for the remaining months.

Q- I changed my server hardware and now the server is in demo mode. What do I need to do to register it again?

The following service is available only to servers with two or less years old license.

Ans.- Each server software package or hardware server sold by EZblue has a unique serial number. That serial number is used to register the server with our back-end system. During the registration process a special secure registration hardware and a license ID is generated. The license ID is sent to the server to identify it as a registered server. This process has two main security proposes:

1- For the customer: It protect the customer server from hacker and software pirates. If some one steal your sever serial or license number and try to register it, they will not be able to do so.

2- For EZblue: It is required to protect our software and IP (Intellectual Properties) from software pirates and illegitimate use.

For our customers who are interested in replacing their servers hardware or upgrading the server, we provide a re licensing service. To re license your server please provide us with the following info.:

First, please provide us with the serial number for your software package so we can look up your account information. If you purchased the software within the last two years, then we can manually re set the server hardware ID so you can register it using the serial number. This service is included free of charge for one time for the server registered in the past two years If your server is more than two years old and you want to replace or upgrade your server hardware using the old software i.e moving the hard disk from the old server to a new server, there is a $75 service charge to manually re set the server Hardware ID. A maximum of two times re set allowed for the same serial number. If you are Installing a new version of the software on your old or a new hardware then you will need a new license. Add to Shopping Cart.

Q- I want to install an application like wordpress. Can I get support for that?
Ans.- We only provide tech support for our products. However, we do provide professional service to help our customers installs other vendors software on the ezblue server. You can tell us the name of the package or script you would like to install and we can provide you with a quote.