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EZblue Magellan Desktop

EZblue Magellan desktop is a software program that enables users running Microsoft Windows 7™ Vista, and XP to have an easy and fast access to their files and folders stored on the EZblue server. EZblue Magellan provide additional tools to help you manage the server from your computer desktop and take a backup snapshot of "My Document" folder.

How Does Magellan work?

When you start Magellan it scans your network to find any EZblue Server that you may have on the network. Once it finds a server then it asks you if you have an account on this server. If you do have an account you can enter your name and password and Magellan logs you to the server and map your server folders in a small window on your desktop.

After you install Magellan you can start it by clicking on the Magellan star icon located on your computer desktop. You will notice a small Star icon on the bottom right hand side of your start bar. Right clicking on the icon will display the Magellan main menu showing here.

What is Magellan My Document Snapshot and How do I use it?

Magellan My Document Snapshot is a built in automated backup feature that makes it easy for you to backup your Windows My Documents folder to the server. It is like having your own automated backup software. Every PC running Windows™ comes with a pre installed folder called My Documents. Inside the My Documents folder there are additional folders like My Pictures etc.

When you use the Magellan My Document Snapshot feature it will take a snapshot of the My Documents folder on your PC and copy it content to a folder you chose on the server. You can set the time and select the content that you would like to backup to the server. Magellan will run this command automatically for you based on the time you selected. The first time it runs it will copy the My Documents folder content to the folder you specified on the server. Thereafter every time it will only copy what has been changed since the last run.

Starting the Magellan My Document Snapshot

When you select My Document Snapshot from the main menu. A control panel as showing in the image below will open. Set the Snapshot options. For the Snapshot to work you must keep the Magellan Desktop running.

The server admin can set the number of Snapshot for each user account on the server.