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Key Features

A server for everyone

We intentionally designed EZblue Business Server software to be easy to install and easy to use. We made it easy so that anyone who needs a server for their home or business can have one. No need to install additional software or have technical staff support. Here's an example of the type of people who have installed and are using EZblue on a daily basis:

These customers and many more have discovered that with EZblue Business Server software they have a choice.

A server on a CD

Everything that you need to install and run the EZblue server comes on one CD. You do not need to install any other software. It runs on its own. All you need is a spare PC old or new. You do not even needs to have Windows installed.

A server with flexible pricing options

You may choose to purchase the package of your choice, pay once and use it for as long as you want, or you can select our "pay as you go" monthly plan. This is known as software as a service. There are no hidden fees, no additional charges, and you can cancel at any time.

Cutting edge server technology, not bleeding edge

EZblue Business Server is Linux based software that you can run on industry-standard PC's powered by Intel, AMD, or VIA processors. It is designed to be flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. It will meet the needs of most businesses without requiring the need for an IT staff. EZblue Business Server software takes advantage of common PC hardware that is available so you are not constantly upgrading hardware.

A server that is expandable

EZblue Business Server software can start small and expand on-the-fly. It will meet any short or long-term business requirement and can fit into any home or business that needs information sharing, web hosting or mail server for increased operational efficiencies at lower cost. You can add different modules, add more users or connect more servers all without installing additional software.

A server for customized hardware

You can customize the server hardware to suit your needs. EZblue Business Server software supports different hardware and disk drive configurations. EZblue supports SATA, IDE, SCSI or USB drives. You can configure them as data or backup drives. You can have them installed internally or externally using standard external ports. You can have one server do it all or you can have multiple servers running different tasks such as one running your website and another doing the storage and email.

A server that monitors itself

EZblue has built-in self monitoring and diagnostics tools. One look at the server dashboard and you can determine the status and the health of the server. The server sends alerts and other messages to the admin to keep everyone on the network informed of the server status. The admin is provided with many tools to manage and troubleshoot the server locally or remotely over the Internet.

A server with security at its core

EZblue is a Linux based server. The same Linux that is used in major corporations like Google, Yahoo, and thousands other businesses. Linux has proven to be less susceptible to viruses and malware attacks. Also, Linux is driven and supported by the open source community throughout the world. This makes it easier to spot and fix any security holes, unlike other operating systems that you have to wait for some corporation to fix.

A server with online update and tech support

EZblue provides free online server software updates to keep your server current. We offer one click online technical support services with a built in FAQ database to get fast answers to your questions from our tech support staff.

Professional Services

Our primary model of delivering Support Services is under our Annual Support Agreement which entitles you to technical assistance along with Software Version Upgrades and Content Updates where applicable. However, in some cases you may need technical assistance for certain problem. EZblue's professional services provide you the option to get support for a single problem (an incident), on an as needed basis.

Incident Support entitles you to contact EZblue Technical Support and receive telephone and/or electronic support during our Business Hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 17:00 MST. EZblue professional services can also be used if you need help with installing applications on the server. Example of these applications are vtiger CRM, wordpress, phpBB and hundreds of other open source applications.

All these applications can be installed on your server and be ready for you to use. In addition to software support, our technical staff also provides remote operations and support for your EZblue Business Server.

Whereas other vendors lock you into costly proprietary technology, EZblue Business Server is built on open standards for maximum flexibility and interoperability. Let our professional technical staff help you identify and recommend applications to help keep your business running without spending money on obsolete software applications.