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How to Build Your Own Server in 15 Minutes or Less

This is a short step by step tutorial that will show you how to build your own server in a few minutes. Our server software has been designed with the end user in mind. It has a built in auto loader and an automated installer making the installation process very easy. All you need is general computer experience and a spare PC that you can use as your server. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Selecting Your Server Hardware

For your server project all you need is an extra standad PC (you don't need Windows or any other software). Any PC that meets the following minimum system requirements will work:

You may already have an old PC that you can use for your server project or you may want to buy a new computer and use your old computer for the server project. Unlike other server software, EZblue server software was engineered to be able to run on a standard PC without the need for costly computer hardware. If you do not have an extra computer to use for your server project, you can get a used PC from eBay or buy a new one from for about $150. Any old Dell, HP, or Compaq will work fine if it meets the minimum system requirements above.

Before you install the EZblue server software, connect your project server to your office or home network using an Ethernet cable (like the orange cable) shown in the diagram below:

Step 2 - Installing The EZblue Server Software, 5-7 minutes

Order the EZblue Trial CD from our website shop or download the trial software and burn your own CD. Make sure that the server computer is set to boot from the CD drive. This can be accomplished through the boot settings in the PC motherboard's BIOS. You can read more about how to set your computer to boot from the CD in the Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide comes with the EZblue trial CD.

Load the EZblue Trial CD and reboot the computer. When EZblue finds all the required hardware, you will see the install screen below. Select "Install EZblue Server Software" and follow the instruction on the screen.

Note: EZblue will format the PC disk drive and install itself. All data files on the drive will be deleted. So make sure to save any data files that you may need from that computer before installing the software.

Step 3 - Configuring Your Server, 5-7 minutes

From another computer that is on the same network as your new server (we call it a "client PC") open Internet Explorer or another browser and type the server IP as shown in the following example: (make sure to add the 8080).

You will see the log on screen shown below:

Hint: Windows™ Vista, XP, and 2000 users: Before you login, download Magellan and the Microsoft .Net software from the links shown in the screen image above. Install the Microsoft .NET software first then install Magellan on your computer before you login to the server. This will make it easy for you to access your server and save you a step later. After you finish continue to the next step.

Enter "admin" for the login Name and the Password you selected during the install. Add a second user account with admin priviledge to use the next time you login.

The server Wizard will guide you through the server configuration process. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you have completed the three steps above you will see the image below. You are now ready to manage your server using the server Dashboard.

Congratulations you have completed your server configuration! Click "Done" to enter the server Dashboard.

From the server Dashboard you can add additional users or folders. Once you are done you can log off to exit the server Dashboard. We highly recommend that you read the Quick Start Quide to learn more about how to use the Magellan Desktop software to map your drives and manage your server.

If you have a question or you need addtional information use our support system to email us or look up our FAQ knowledge base. Thank you