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EZblue Firefly (iTunes) Streaming Server Module


The Firefly streaming server module is based on the Firefly Media Server an open source software package designed to serve digital music to the Apple iTunes™ player and the Roku Soundbridge. The module is very easy to use and set up. Using this module, you can store and stream your music from the EZblue server to any computer on your network. The Firefly module is available only with version 3.9 or higher of the EZblue server software. Users ruuning previous versions of the EZblue server software will need to upgrade their software to take advantage of the Firefly streaming server module. To request information on how to upgrade your EZblue server software to the latest version, contact us at our customer support center at: Customer Support.

How to enable and configure the Firefly module?

1. Log in to your server with Magellan or using your browser. Be sure you are running EZblue server software version 3.9 or higher. Using the EZblue server Dashboard, add a new folder to the server. This will be the folder you will be using to store your music. You can skip this step If you already have a folder on the server that you want to use to store the music files. For this step we will add a folder to the server called firefly.

2. From a computer on the same network as the server, we used the Magellan Desktop to map the "firefly" folder on the computer desktop as shown in the image below:

3. Click on the firefly folder to open it. Select all your music files that you want to store on the server and copy them over from your computer to the firefly folder.

4. Using the server Dashboard, select Modules, then select the Firefly module. You will see the image below:

Firefly Module Configuration:

Accessing The Firefly Server Using The Apple iTunes™ Player:

From a computer connected to the same network as your EZblue server, start your iTunes player. The iTunes player will scan the network and find the Firefly server as shown in the image below:

iTunes™ is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

Accessing the Firefly Web Interface (Advanced Settings):

Step 1 - In addition to the Firefly module configuration options, the server admin can fine tune the Firefly server to best suit their requirement. To access the Firefly web interface, using IE or firefox browser, enter the server IP address shown in the Firefly module configuration screen. For this example we will use the IP shown in the image below: For your server use the actual IP address from the Firefly module. Enter "admin" for the "User Name" and the password you set in the Firefly module for the Firefly server as shown in the image below:

Step 2 - If the information you entered above is correct, you should see the Server Status screen as shown bellow. For information on how to fine tune the Firefly server you can visit: http://www.fireflymediaserver.org

iTunes™ is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.