Five Reasons Linux Beats Windows for Servers
By Katherine Noyes, PC World

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Build a home or a business cloud server in minutes. All you need is a spare PC and the new EZblue software!

EZblue server software has allowed everyone including small and medium sized businesses to be able to have a server that was only available to big business. EZblue server software is a Linux based server software that you can install yourself on any PC without any Linux knowledge. You do not need Windows or any other software. EZblue is a complete turn-key server program loaded with enterprise performance features like storage server, web server, mail server, quickbooks enterprise server and more. For more information, see: Products.
Store, share and backup your personal and business files, photos, and any digital documents. Stream your music to your iTunes™ from all the computers in your home or business network without having the problem of duplicate data.

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  2. Sample Network Configuration

  1. Shop, Compare & Save

    Save thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing costs when you consider one of our servers. Order the package of your choice, pay once and use it for as long as you want. There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

  2. Easy Setup

    With EZblue automated hardware discovery and network configuration, installation takes only a few minutes. The built in wizard will guide you through each step. Our pre configured servers are ready to do business out of the box. Nothing to install and no need to have IT staff to set it up. Save time and focuse on running your business not the server.

  3. Backup and Restore

    Backup the server using the built in advanced automated backup module. A $695 value we have includ free with every server we sell. Simple to use with just one click or use the schedule and let the server backup itself for you.

  4. Secure Your Data

    Keep all data safe and secure. Only authorized users can gain access. EZblue is a Linux based server that is less vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.

  5. Print Server

    Our built-in print server module functions as a central print server which allows multiple computers connected to the same network to print to a shared printer.

  1. Web & Applications Server

    Host as many websites including your business E-Commerce website(s). Stop spending money on outside hosting and easily deploy your own blog or forum. Chose from over 10,000 free open source applications to run on EZblue. Applications

  2. Built-in remote access

    The built-in remote access module gives you the ability using your PC to access your files and manage your EZblue server remotely over the Internet. We have implemented the industry standard Hamachi VPN solution. All communications are encrypted between the remote user and the server.

  3. Sync Module

    The Sync module is a powerful real-time file and servers synchronization module that can automatically synchronize a local EZblue server (main server) to one or more remote (backup) servers. Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of their offices becoming inaccessible for a prolonged period in the event of a natural disaster or other problems. Using the sync module a business can switch form using the main server to the remote server without any loss of time or data. You can also use the sync module to connect multiple locations.

  4. Mail Server

    Give your business a complete in house mail server using the mail server module. You can host SMTP, IMAP or POP3 server. You can also access your email over the Internet using webmail.